Knee Treatment

We welcome you to our 360 degree treatment of knee problems. We offer non-surgical holistic care of all knee disorders.

Knee Treatment

Knee Treatment



Knee Treatment

Knee & spine problems – mainly Osteoarthritis Knee and Inter vertibral disc prolapse – are very common problems of human being today. Previously they used to occur in old age but now due to bad lifestyle, wrong posture, lack of exercise, over weight etc. these problems have also started being seen in young population.

The modern medical Allopathic science has been mostly recommending operative treatments like knee replacement or spine surgery – though 95 % cases can be taken care of by natural means.

SAAOL, (Science and Art of Living) took up a new path of solving lifestyle diseases by Diet, Education, Stress management, Yoga – combined with non surgical allopathic treatments. We have been very successful in the last 24 years in solving Heart Disease – without Angioplasty & Bypass surgery. We have new 81 centers across India and abroad and 2,00,000 successful patients.

SAAOL’s next venture – Knee & Spine clinic – will offer a similar non-surgical holistic care for both Knee & Spinal diseases. This will be the best way to treat both the diseases without side effects and complications.

We welcome you to our 360 degree treatment of Knee & Spine problems.

Treatment Methods

  1. Pain relief

Our foremost aim will be to give relief to the patients from pain. We shall use electrotherapy, needling, thermo-cryotherapy and contraction release. Allopathic anti inflammatory drugs will also be used depending on the case.

  1. Detox

Mostly accumulating toxicity from preserved and contaminated foods, bad habit, stress, deranged immunity, pollution etc decrease our body’s ability to repair itself. We shall use various ways from Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Homeopathy to get the body detoxified. This speed up our repair and healing ability and give an instant sense of wellbeing. They also boost our immune system.

  1. Joint conditioning

Ongoing degeneration of the knee cartilage in case of knee joint leads to reduction of joint space between our Femur and Tibia bones. The muscles which move the knee joint also get weaker and often loose flexibility or get into spasm. In case of spine, the nerves also are compressed and the muscles go into prolonged weakness. Our joint and spine expert have evolved a new way to treat these joints by conditioning of joints. These include MFR (Musculo Facial Release), detraction of joints, knesio taping & various other proven techniques.

  1. Lifestyle management

Stress  in excess and wrong posture are the major cause of knee and spine diseases. Most of the causes are also lifestyle related. Overweight, lack of joint flexibility, over and under use of  knee joint and spine also major contributes to both these diseases. SAAOL’s knee and spine clinic will modify your diet,help you to reduce your stress, correct your posture, and lead you to easy home exercises, yogic postures leading to a long-term solution to your knee and spine problems.

Stem Cell Therapy:

In advanced cases, Saaol’s Knee and Spine Clinic can also offer you the latest modality to reverse age of the knee – The Stem Cell Therapy. This therapy is an attempt to regenerate the warn out cartilages by using meniscus stem cell’s ability to regrow the damaged cartilages. The cells are procured from different cell banks of the patient’s body, enriched and instilled in the affected areas. The improvement is felt in the span of 3 to 4 months. This treatment may need to be repeated according to the patient’s response.

Consultation Fees:
Our consultation fees per session is INR 500/

Who are the candidates who tend to gain from SAAOL’s knee and spine clinic?

  1. Different stages of of osteoarthritis knee – who cannot walk because of knee pain. This restricts their movements and leads to further overweight and increased problems.
  2. Those who have been recommended to undergo total knee replacement by Orthopedician and does not want to go for such surgical treatment.
  3. Advanced stages of osteoarthritis where the movements of knee joints are restricted, patient cannot even sit and get up from sitting position.
  4. Cases of Lumbar spondylosis, Sciatica, cervical Spondylosis – who are getting acute pain.
  5. Acute back pain due to injury or wrong movements like lifting heavy weight, bad posture.
  6. Those whose profession needs prolonged sitting, standing leading to shoulder, back or knee pain.
  7. Aged people who have got Knee and spine problems due to aging phenomenon.

Side effect of Knee & Spine Surgery

Knee Surgery:

  1. Injury to major nerve or Artery is most common complication
  2. Fracture of the bones (Tibia, Femur) may occur which can also damage nerves or arteries
  3. Tear of the Quadriceps or patellar tendon
  4. Damage to the ligaments around the knee joint
  5. Removal of some ligaments during surgery may lead to unsteady gait through out life
  6. Pain, swelling and infection of the joint
  7. Hematoma or Blood collection in the knee joint
  8. Stiffness of the knee joint and reduction of the angle of movement
  9. Phlebitis, blood collection in the veins – which may lead to Pulmonary embolism and death
  10. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Spine surgery:

  1. Spinal cord or nerve injury leading to permanent Paralysis
  2. High risk of unexpected bleeding
  3. Deep Vein Thrombosis
  4. During surgery Dura (covering of spinal nerves) can get torn
  5. Accidental cutting of the nerves in lumber region leading to sexual dysfuntion
  6. Persistent pain even after surgery





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